Imgames Project

  • Astro Flags is the first iPhone game ever where you represent your country in a fight over the solar system. Each planet will be competed for through mini games. The player who gets the highest score will secure and occupy the planet and the planet will be marked with the player’s nation’s flag. In case all the planets are occupied by users from a same country, that country will be noted as a conqueror of the whole solar system. Through the iTunes Appstore, you are able to compete with users from all over the world.
  • Play RPS on the net! Based on our patented tournament system which can accept large scale random number of users, this service offers users world first large scale tournament service. As you play the simple game RPS, you can be connected to the users from all over the world. Challenge world RPS championship. Coming Soon!
  • Treasure Hunter is a mobile puzzle game where you can hunt for treasures with cute aliens. Different types of mini puzzle games are offered with each character. As you play Treasure Hunter, you can collect various and precious treasures from all over the world.